Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mateo, Depaula

There is an unconfirmed report from one Dominican-based source (alias, DBU) that Rafael DePaula has signed with Seattle and Wagner Mateo has signed with Atlanta.

As I said last week, all the Latin American prospect remainders will land this week - the Cubans are next.

ATlanta's newest 7-figure LA sign Edo Salcedo (18.6yo a/o 4/1)is considered a 3B now (and not a SS) and Goldstein suggests he will debut in LowA (though via extended). Would've loved to have another 3B in the system especially at the LowA level...

I predict that TX is done with 6-figure j2 signs for 2009 (though a low-level cuban might sneak in there in the 100k area).

UPDATE: Goldstein says Mateo has not signed as concerns about his vision are unabated (last I heard he was supposed to go to Miami to see a specialist there).

UPDATE2: DBU updated his unconfirmed (and still unofficial)report of Mateo to Atlanta (for 1.5m).

Update3 (3/2): Braves beat writer Mark Bowman says they have no interest in Mateo.



  1. btw, Goldstein said that he would be in the 5-7 range for the braves...

    so around prospects like freddie freeman, randal delgado, christian bethancourt, mike minor , craig kimbrell (their 4-8 guys)

  2. also lonestardugout w/ hurley @ #32 in the system which i thought was laughable until i saw newberg had hurley at #24.