Monday, February 1, 2010

Moscoso starts Game 1

Guillermo Moscoso will start game one of the Caribbean championship series this Tuesday 2/2 at 730 pm. The game will be broadcast on MLB network so check it out. If I find a stream or two I will post the links...

UPDATE: GM got roughed up in his 3.2 innings of work (79 pitches) coupled with ugly infield D. He was unable to command his fastball, with erratic velo (88-92), leaving it up high, and was inconsistent enough around the zone, that the ump was squeezing him on low strikes. Anyways, commanding the FB is GM's strength so no worries (he was also on a 70-pitch limit per one VZ blogger). It is also interesting to note that GM has been pitching for 12 straight months with no break and now reports directly to spring training so he clearly has nothing left in the tank. Guys who pitch a full winter ball season including the playoffs and Caribbean Series are bad asses. There can no longer be any questions about the health of GM's shoulder. None. In my book, guys like Moscoso and Poveda are most valuable as trade pieces - in a system with so much depth - to other clubs who view them as solid mid-rotation guys.


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