Friday, February 19, 2010

Omar Beltre injury update

So I just posted this update on Beltre and Ogando last week with an interest toward assessing Beltre's injury problems over the last 15 months:

UPDATE 4: In an interview Jason Cole did (~2/16) with the TX MiL catching coord/instructor, he said that both Beltre and Ogando had kept their bodies in good condition. So one question has been answered about them before they report: they didn't get fat and out of shape during their Dominican exile. Also, there was no mention of health issues with Beltre's elbow (they had been throwing at the Domincan academy before they left for the states this week ~2/15). So hopefully, another question answered. So the only questions that seem to remain about these two: 1. can they compete in a ML bullpen right now?; 2: if not what level do they start off in in the minors?

However, it appears that Beltre is not 100% healthy so his chances of making the big league team would appear to be dim. It seems that Belte suffered some sort of injury during the fall 2008 winter ball season which shut him down for much of the the 2009 season. I did not come across any info on the nature of the injury, specifically, whether it was his throwing arm.

When healthy in 2009, Beltre only pitched very limited innings at the end of the 2009 DSL season and then went to winter ball and only pitched a few innings in early November before being shut down with problems with his throwing arm. Now I came across one source (Rojas at Deportes) who said it was his elbow, but now, TX sources indicate is was his shoulder. So while he could have had both elbow and shoulder issues it appears that the club examined him recently for shoulder soreness in his throwing arm, was cleared of any structural issues, and is now being brought along slowly at the beginning of camp.

Anyways, Beltre's injury issues over the last 15 months or so, are definitely something to keep an eye on.


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