Monday, February 1, 2010

Rafael Depaula update

According to one source, the NYY have requested another MLB investigation into DePaula's age. Seems a little weird as they requested the first one so not sure if this report is correct. Basically, all a team has to do is sign the kid then apply directly for a Visa from the consulate. If the consulate grants a visa then MLB can't do anything about it even if they believe any irregularities are real. So, yeah, not sure why the Yankees need to do this again as many believe his documents are legit.

Anyways, the same source indicates that the Phillies are out, Milwaukee is a player as are Boston and the Yanks obviously. TX NYY and Boston have been interested from the beginning each working him out again and visting with his agent and family during his suspension. However TX has yet to be mentioned directly in any current scuttlebutt so I'm not sure if they have maintained their interest. The source also states that Depaula's representation is currently unknown and that the price will be below 7-figures so that some small market teams could still be players if NYY/Bos don't care to overbid.



  1. rooster here... Maybe it could mean the Yanks are out, and they are looking for every avenue, however unlikely, to keep DePaula from whomever has won the bidding.

  2. No, I think it might just be to force MLB's hand, to make them reissue their finding of irregularities or retract it. If they don't retract it based on the Dominican juridical ruling, a team can just sign him and apply for the visa via the consulate to see who has standing.

  3. If they're trying to force MLB's hand, that would mean they probably have the inside track on him. grrrr.

  4. Not necessarily, as everyone was probably waiting for some other team to make the request. MLB's reaction will set the market and set off the bidding. There is also a chance that both MLB and the consulate could rule against him which would mean he would surely go the East Asia route. I do think that Boston and NY have always been the favs (He was said to be all but NY-bound before the suspension) but Boston is said to be out of money for anymore signings.

    With respect to TX, the Alfaro signing could have taken us out of the running for any more 09 j2 prospects. After not signing any j2 players for 7 figures in their entire history, they have now signed 3 in one year for at least 1.3 million. That is pretty amazing. I think it is safe to say that beginning last year- Portillo, Ynoa - TX is now willing to make the same kind of j2 outlays that Boston and NYY have historically made. NOw that the financial muscle has been paired with scouting smarts, it seems that the sky is the limit now in LA. Will Preller take us deeper into the Pacific Rim now, on to Brazil, and then to China and India...? Probably not, but it should be a fun ride.