Friday, March 5, 2010

3/4 Game Notes

Harden: CU, 78-81; 4s, 86-90; sinker (?), 84-88; 4-0 go/ao
OT: watch the newest Evan Grant Meme (EGM) emerge as he hyperventilates over ST velo
Lewis: 4s, 90-92; CB, 78-80; 2-1 go/ao
Pitch to watch, Changeup - hardly threw it in japan. Curveball - threw the slider in Japan, formerly a CB guy. Normally a guy makes the reverse switch to lower stress on shoulder
Mathis: 4s, a few at 90-91; sinker, 87-90; Slider, 86-88; changeup, 82-83; Curveball, 78; 3-1 go/ao
It is possible that a few of his 86-88 pitches that gameday classified as sliders were cutters as that velo range is a bit hard for a Mathis slider (~84.8).
Schepp: 4s, 95-98; sinker, 86-87; 3-0, go/ao
Gameday has the 86-87 offering classified as a changeup which is probably right. Per AFL pitchfx his sinker is 89-90.
Snyder: 4s, 86-88; CU, 81; Curveball, 73-75; Slider, 75-77
Ogando: 4s, 95-97; slider, 83; sinker or cutter (?), 88-89
Gameday has the 88-89 pitch as a change but I'm not sure he has one (but he could be working on one)
Strop: 4s, 91-94; Split, 81-82; Slider, 84
Ave velo down a tic on each pitch type from 09

Overall, 15-5 GO/AO ratio. Harden working on his sinker, brought back last year. Harden's velo was down but should climb to his normal range (92-94, 84-85) by opening day. I will say that his velo was down in the second half of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 after dealing with some sort of minor tear in his throwing shoulder. However in the second half of 2009 he was dominant, touching upper 90's once again.

Despite at least one report, Harden does not throw a splitter (anymore). Rather he throws three variations of his circle change (circle, split, slider) and also a sinker which he resurrected in the second half of 2009. Also, I am not sure that Ogando has a change, so his 88-89 offering might be a sinker. Everyone seems to be working on sinkers and cutters this spring with Scheppers (and Kirkman per Cole) working on both.

Very exciting to see that velo on Ogando's arm, Strop's improved mechanics, and Scheppers continued run dating to the AFL. Wish Lewis pitched longer, but his velo is legit as is his command and more compact delivery. Want to see how he re-integrates a change into his repertoire. Want to see someone talk about his Shuuto - is it a traditional (US) cutter or more like the Japanese verison that acts like a cutter/slider/sinker...?


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