Saturday, March 27, 2010

Andres Blanco

As you may already know, TX acquired Andres Blanco today, for a ptbnl or cash (likely cash). He profiles as an AA defended at SS and 2B but has a BA bat. He will likely make the club as the UINF unless there is a bigger name acquisition in the coming days. This, thankfully, will spell the end of Arias' days with the TX as someone is sure to claim him if put on waivers (or he'll be traded for cash if nothing else).

Blanco has been injured in camp (right knee strain 3/6) playing in only 7 games (6-7, 9ab, .700) but must be healthy now. This kid had an outstanging winter league in VZ, finishing with an ave/ops of 291/785 hitting for 15xbh in 35g and going 14-16 in SB so he might show a little more with the bat this year than people expect. In the end he is the ideal guy for the open spot on the roster and he has about 140g of ML experience including the 53g he played in for the Cubs last year batting .252. The cubs has some nice things to say about him as well:

"He's an outstanding defender," Cubs general manager Jim Hendry said of Blanco. "No doubt he'll help the Rangers in that capacity. He's out of options and the way we're setting up, [Fontenot] looks like he can handle the shortstop role in a pinch...I certainly didn't think he'd (Blanco) make it through waivers, so we made a deal," Hendry said. "It's good for the young man. The Rangers were looking for a utility guy. It's a good fit. As we all know, he's an outstanding kid and well above average defender. It's a positive for the Rangers."


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