Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bullpen Shuffle

TRS has a nice piece up about a few critical bullpen arms.

On Ray's "injury":
Assistant general manager Thad Levine said there was some soreness in the muscle directly behind the right shoulder. Ray may throw a bullpen session on Wednesday.
"We're just being precautionary," Rangers manager Ron Washington said. "He told us he was feeling some stiffness so we decided to shut him down for a couple of days. It's nothing we're concerned with."

On Ray's Injury history:
But he is a power pitcher when healthy and the Rangers have been optimistic to this point. "I like what I'm seeing," Maddux said. "There is a lot to like, a lot of delivery. When he's healthy, he's a proven asset to the bullpen, a 30-plus save guy who has pitched crucial innings before."

On O'Day's pitching IQ:
"We can use him wherever we want," Maddux said. "He is a very valuable commodity. He pitches with a lot of guts and is a great competitor.
"Even though he has a trick arm angle, he still pitches, moving the ball around and changing speeds. He pitches above his credit line. People don't think he pitches, that he tricks them. But he's got an idea."

On Strop's refined mechanics:
Strop pitched on Monday and looked sharp, retiring the side in order. With mechanics that have been reworked by bullpen coach Andy Hawkins, Strop has been much more effective not only with his fastball but splitter and curveball.
"His delivery is cleaner than we saw from him last year," Maddux said. "Hawk spent a lot of time with him last year. His body is moving in a better direction, he's a lot smoother and he's getting maximum arm strength. He was all arm, now he's got body and arm."


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