Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Camp News and Notes, Deux

One of the funniest questions to grace the Rangers' camp interwebs to date (durrett talking to Borbon):
How was winter ball and did you see a bunch of fly balls there?

Borbon had this response to Durrett about playing CF, some form of which should have been rattling around in people's heads last year every time Warsh insinuated directly or indirectly that Borbon might be a LF:
I’ve been playing center field just about my whole life, so it’s really not that much of an adjustment.

# Luis Mendoza (via Durrett):
Q: Was there something in particular you worked on this offseason?
A: I used my curveball more. I was using mainly fastballs and stick with sinkers. The curveball was good. Sometimes the hitters didn’t expect a curve and I struck out people. I worked on command, too. I threw first-pitch strikes.

Would've been nice to see him mention the changeup in there too...

# Guillermo Moscoso
The most overlooked pitcher in camp in my opinion as he has mid-rotation potential but is rarely mentioned as a candidate for the 5th starter position even when names like Nippert, Mendoza and Mathis are tossed around. I'm ok being the only guy. But then, If I remember correctly, I think Sickels or Goldstein or some other Internet Prospector likes him too at least in the 10-12 range of the system, same with Poveda. I seem to be on a lonely island when it comes to the claim that both Poveda and Moscoso have ceilings as mid-roto guys (and #4s at worst). Again, I'm ok with that...

Mendoza: lowered his armslot before winter ball, presumably allows for more consistent sinker
Murphy: will play CF and 1b in spring to see if he can fill those roles this season. Despite the fact that TX scouted him playing all OF positions before the trade, then actually played him in CF so you would think they grasp his abgility to play there or not. But In addition, he is LH so this does nothing to solve platoon issues at CF/LF (with Borbon, murphy and ham)

Schlact (a bullpen arm in the grand scheme of things) tweets he threw from 120ft on flat ground on 3/1 with next step throwing off of mound. He might be in extended until about 6/1. Also summarizes his surgery:
"i had a few tears on the back of the rotator, and one small one on the labrum....and they removed my bursa..."

CJ Wilson was told that he must be one of the top 2 starters in camp in order to make the rotation.

Arias, uno: Washington, reportedly commenting when asked about the early infield practice that lemon and Olmedo have been taking with Arias notably absent (he came out a few days later though): “We’re not babysitting these guys.”

Arias, dos: Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Arias and it confirms my notion that Arias' failure to recover from his arm issues is his failure to follow his rehab/strengthening/throwing routine (via TRS):
"I really thought the way he was throwing the ball the other day was sufficient," Washington said. "He's just got to maintain his arm strength and continue to improve. He's healthy. I don't think his arm is a problem. It is what it is. I've seen him throw from all the angles. We'll play it out and see where it goes,"

Arias, tres: Now TRS has a piece up talking about the ongoing search for utility infield candidates outside the team. This after JD says the candidates will come from the current roster, 100% certain.

Let the Arias mystification continue apace...

Hype Alert
Moreland: People are buzzing about Moe's bat speed (in BP). More to come on this.
MaxRam: Looked good at first according to Warsh (during 1-1 instruction). Now grant has Max at the 25th saying he should be good enough at 1b, and that TX loves the idea of a third catcher as it allows them complete roster flexibility. Gobbleygook. How? 2 RH catchers on the bench? BA catcher and 1B off the bench? OK.

BMac: Threw some nice cutters in the game; now their inconsistent. Threw some sinkers and cutters will a lot of movement (in BP).
Teagarden: Looks intense and ready to start.
Lemon: Committed (to lots of groundballs); hyping his AFL #s. He hit about .150 with 12 strikeouts his first 6 games and .450 his next 12 games.
Do you really want to hang your hat on either of those short sample sized portions in the AFL...?

Arias: not committed ( to lots of groundballs)
Harrison: hitting mitt(?), hitting it hard and seems healthy (though he already proved that in the AFL where he flashed 96)...


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