Friday, March 5, 2010

Game Notes 3/5

Feldy: Sinker, 87-90; Cutter, 85-88; Change, 83
CJ: 4s, 90-94; Cutter, 89-90; 82, Change; Slider, 79; CB, 76
Nipples: 4s, 87-91; Change, 81-82; CB, 73-74
Feliz: 4s, 93-98; Slurve, 76-79; Change, 84-86
Three changeups and 4 Slurves - that's for you Evan!

Feliz had trouble with his fastball command. His secondary stuff seemed effective. Groundouts galore again: 13/5. I am very eager to see/hear Harrison pitch on Saturday - the forgotten man during the off-season, and most underrated in the whole system IMO. To imagine Feliz, Holland and Harrison in the rotation, each touching 98 on occasion....Wow. Harrison did touch 98 last year on 5/18 during his 4 game streak of badassness (24 scoreless innings, 2 complete games, 1sho). For good measure, he touched 96 in the AFL sitting 93.5. Looking forward to seeing what Moscoso looks like competing for a rotation spot over the next few weeks. I also think Poveda would have opened some eyes if the team believed him ready for a taste.

Sorta OT. MLB gameday doesn't convert the ST pitching data into pitch types until the night after a game (during the game it just says, unknown). Kinda cool as you take your best shot at ambiguous pitches and then compare them both the next day. MLBG still doesn't like sinkers and cutters and it really doesn't like Hardin's assortments of changeups one bit, classifying them variously as splits, sliders, changes and an odd 2-seamer here and there.

Way OT, and I meant to do this in yesterday's game notes but, imagine me now pouring out my Lonestar tallboy on the side of the road to commemorate the demise of another Evan Grant Meme (EGM), some 6 months old at least, with Scheppers first appearance in a big league (albeit ST) game:
"•Young Tanner Scheppers, who has not played an official game for a major league organization..."

Misc Notes, various sources
Holland, Mags, Beltre, Hall, and Boggs might all be 100% next week. Holland will pitch Monday.
Hurley will not pitch in any CL games this spring. He is not even throwing breaking balls yet, and, I'm not even sure he is throwing his FB off the mound full bore either. Hope you dominate when we see you next... September?...ST 2011?


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