Monday, March 8, 2010

International Notes

Carlos Matias update
The hottest pitching properties the last few weeks have both been pitchers who were suspended by MLB last year and whose suspensions have expired in 2010. Rafael DePaula is one of those of course, suspended for age falsification, the other is Carlos Matias, suspended for both age and identity fraud.

The NYY are said to be hot after the kid despite the possible problems that lie ahead for him to obtain a visa. Arizona is also said to be interested. Though small in stature (5.11) he is said to throw in the mid nineties. Jorge Arangure speculates that he could receive anywhere from 500k to 1m. Boston agreed to sign him for 160k last year before his contract was voided and is not believed to have anymore interest. Boston appears none too happy about the possibility that they no longer have his rights after the suspension (I guess because the contract became null so was never considered active): "MLB should allow the club to honor original deal after suspension," DiPuglia (BoSox official) wrote in an email."

Arangure goes on to note that Matias' agents have cancelled workouts in the last week as he is still trying to get his paperwork in order.

Rafael DePaula update
Jason Churchill's sources suggest that Seattle has offered DePaula 1.5m but he goes on to speculate that Boston or NYY might be willing to bid from 1.5-2.5m to try to nab him. I have read elsewhere that NY is "nervous" about his situation but I'm not sure why they should be any less nervous about him than Matias though I will say that DePaula has claimed all along that he has not falsified his age, a claim recently supported by Dominican agencies.

The formerly suspended/suspended list has quite a few big names: Rafael DePaula (age), Damian Arredondo (PED use and age), Duanel Jones (PED), Felix Perez (age), and Carlos Matias (age/identity). However, a couple of players no longer on the list had their suspensions shortened and subsequently signed for 2010.

Sandy Alderson to take over MLB operations in DR. Supposedly there will be an official statement/news conference later in the week. Last year, MLB assigned Alderson the task of assessing the problems with fraud and drug use there and recommending some reforms. I presume some of his recommendations will be adopted for next year.


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