Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Intl. News and Notes

Noel Arguelles reportedly turned down a better offer to sign with KC. Seems like it might have been a big market team as he said he didn't really want to sign with one, preferring a smaller market team for the sake of his developement and chances to land a job in the next 1 1/2. He should start out in highA. I think he signed for 4year/7million (not sure what the bonus was).

This is kinda cool. The Golden Baseball (independent) league, fielding teams in the West, NW, SW US and Canada, has entered into an affiliation agreement with the Venezuelan Baseball Federation to send Venezuelan players to the league beginning this year. So unsigned former ML, VZ professional, AAA, AA and lower level prospects will have a chance to show their wares. Not sure if there will be any names scooped up from those unsigned players that come over, but there is bound to be a handful.

Tim Brown has this long article discussing some of the estimated 30 Cuban free agents still on the market. Maybe 5-10 will be signed and the rest will labor away in independent ball, Mexico or perhaps in the Pacific Rim until if or when someone notices. TX might opt to sign the next Reineir Bermudez. Newberg would like to put Israel Soto on one of his weekly "top20" lists once those start rolling out (throws 100, catch pitch, NAP).

News coming out of the Reds and BoSox camps are simply effusive with praise about LHP Aroldis Chapman (5yrs/30m ~ over about 15 years that is with only about a 2m bonus) and SS Jose Iglesias (4/8.2m ~ 6m bonus!), the best defensive shortstop FA sign last year. If you believe Aaron Fitt (as much as he believes and/or overestimates the Rangers prospect hype machine), Jurickson Profar is better than both of Boston's 2009 FA shortstop signs: Iglesias and Jose Vinicio (the consensus best 2009 j2 shortstop, 2m bonus). JPro ranked 5th (!) in our 2nd ranked system per Fitt while Iglesias and Vinicio ranked 9th and 29th respectively in Boston's 6th ranked system. Luis Sardinas ranked 13th. So can we add a second TX homer to the ranks of Internet Prospecting gurus, first Goldstein and now Fitts?

Still waiting on first impressions about Noel Arguelles coming out of the KC camp...

UPDATE 3/5: Came across a couple of sources that suggested Boston SS Jose Iglesias turned down 10 million from Cubbies for 8.2 from Red Sox. Que Cajones! Also remember that Iglesias is only ranked 9th in a weaker Boston system while Fitt ranks Profar 5th in the best one. I'm not going to let up...


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