Monday, March 1, 2010

Intrasquad summary

IS game summary (3/1) via Evan Grant:

CJ Wilson: 26p inning, 2 consecutive 5-pitch walks vs LHH (DMurph, Smoak); issues with BB command
Moreland: go ahead RBI double off LH Snyder for win
Borbon: Triple (feliz), bunt single, 2SB (one on pitch out)
McCarthy: inconsistent cutter (but he only threw 13 pitches); Borbon stole 2b/3b off of him
Kiker: 3-0 1st batter, Brown HR; gives up 2B(beltre)after long AB, which just missed being another HR
Strop: 9p inning, zero balls
Feldman: 10p inning
Heart of lineup: swinging on 1st or second pitch (vs feldman)
Cruz: 2k single by cruz (feldy)
Salty: There was this strange note from Evan Grant - "C Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who had trouble throwing the ball back to the mound last year, did flip a couple back to LHP C.J. Wilson in the first inning. One even bounced away. But after farm director Scott Servias jumped all over Saltalamacchia between innings, he had no trouble."
Brown: Played some 3b
Frostad and Max: saw time at 3b and C respectively
Bunts: 6-8 in getting bunts down overall with Andrus popping up his first attempt

More Notes:
Jarrod Saltalamacchia reported no problems with his arm. The key for him now, he said, is getting used to catching again after not playing the past six months. He had one throw on a steal attempt, a strong, accurate throw that was just a tick late to get David Murphy. Saltalamacchia also bounced a throw back to the mound because, according to manager Ron Washington, he was just flipping the ball back to the pitcher. Scott Servais, though, told Saltalamacchia to make harder throws, and that took care of any wild ones. (wilson)

"He just doesn't have the touch for flipping," Washington said. "His last two innings of catching, I saw him throw the ball back and it was as firm as he needs to throw it." (durrett)

The only two 1-2-3 innings were recorded by right-handers Pedro Strop and Tanner Scheppers. (Wilson)

Durrett on Scheppers:
"Incoming!" Pitching coach Mike Maddux, after a fastball from Tanner Scheppers soared over home plate and bounced off a screen near the backstop that was protecting Maddux, bullpen coach Andy Hawkins and special instructor Jeff Russell.

TRS has a better narrative of the days events...

And Durrett has a link to a proper box score


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