Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jae Kuk Ryu update

JKR made his first appearance in minor league camp today per Jason Cole and looked good during his brief appearance: Sat 89-91, good CB, showed a CU. I'm not sure why his debut was delayed as I had expected him to compete for a bullpen role in the major league camp. Could be he as still rehabbing or getting into shape as he missed last year due to injury. Whatever the case, see my earlier post on Ryu for a profile of him as he is an interesting low risk medium reward sign if he is healthy and his stuff comes back. He will be in the OKC pen if it isn't too late for him to make an impression and has an outside shot at a rotation spot (if they want to stretch him out, and if there is an opening, say if Mendoza and BMac get moved).


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