Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lewis pitch f/x

I've been hearing about Lewis' great cutter in camp but i'm fairly certain that he has been throwing mostly 4-seamers in his first 3 innings, with the cutter something people are taking note of in camp proper. Just out of curiosity I went back to NPB's pitch fx to get a better pitch profile on him in 2009. Here is what I came up with:

2009 profile-
4-s: 90-95 sits 92-94
shuuto (cutter): 89-93, sits 90-92
Change: 85-86
Slider: 85-87
Curveball: 75-80; 81-82

In his last 3 innings he seems to have shown 4 offerings based on movement/velo per the MLB gameday pitch fx (which has its own problems):
88-92, seems like a 4s (maybe some cutters in the 88-90 range)
81-82, seems like a slider
78-80, seems like a curve
86, seems like a changeup (possible a cutter as well)

It could be that he basically throws the cutter at just a tic under his FB velo (like Hunter last year) so sometimes they are hard to identify but the movement of a cutter tends to be easy to differentiate from a 4s thrown on a steep plane. It also seems like the velo on his slider is way down from last year, but it doesn't pass the smell test that he lost 3-6mph on his slider even this early and given that his 4s velo is only a few tics below normal. In addition, it could be that the pitch f/x via NPB identified his cutter as a slider and his slider as a hard CB(81-82). His velo is probably a few tics down on everything at this stage of ST and he could be changing speeds on all his offerings to further the confusion. Anyways, its early, and I'll just see how things develop during his longer outings...


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