Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Andrew Doyle

Jason Cole over at Lonestardugout.com has a nice interview up with Andrew Doyle. Smart kid. I have Doyle ranked pretty highly in the system (12) as a very solid mid-roto prospect with 4 average to above average offerings, all with some movement, above-average command and pitchability. His sinker was said to sit 90-91 during his JR year at Oklahoma and he generally sat 90 with it in Spokane and Hickory. Coming out of OK he was said to have 4 solid average offerings but this seems to have been an underestimation of his stuff. His 4s sits 92-95, touching 96 on rare occasion. His slider was better than advertised, missing some bats in 09 and and his changeup was even better and is an above average swing and miss offering. All his pitches play up due to some natural movement, command and pitchability. Very solid prospect who will likely realize his ceiling.


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