Saturday, April 24, 2010


was activated for the Blaze today while Eric Fry was released to make room for him. He singled in his first game back. Chris Davis hit a decisive three-run homer in his first game for OKC in his only hit. Lil' Lemon and Mo' Moreland are both batting below .200 on the season.

According to one source (scouting the sally), Ross had a very nice changeup (~82-84) tonight (with good downward movement) while Tullis had some filthy breaking stuff. Ross' velo was down 87-91- normally sits 90-94. He was hitting the outside corners in this outing while not pitching inside effectively (which he normally does). Source said he threw a lot of CH and not a lot of Sliders ( a good sign). Tullis' velo seemed to be about the same as last year, 87-91. Beavan got hit hard with Scott Lucas noting that he sat 90-91 (87-92+93 - sat 91-92 and flashed 94 a couple of times in last outing) with his change ~81-83 and his slider very hittable. Had some atypical trouble locating the FB.

Kennil Gomez was strong his first 2 innings throwing first-pitch strikes to most batters while failing to do that over the next 3. He worked out of trouble in all three innings and his curveball was very sharp though his command of it was inconsistent, throwing a couple in the dirt, and not getting on top of another. He fell apart in the sixth - as the coach tried to push him a little to try to get one more inning out of him - pitching to 4 batters before Tim Murphy came in to allow 2 of the 3 inherited runners to score. Tim Murphy and Evan Reed, 3rd round busts.

It's early, but guys who will be the first to be released, demoted, or sent to extended: Ed Koncel, Ryan Falcon, Jared Hyatt (re-signed?), Geoff Geary, Elizardo Ramirez, Mark Hamburger, Cody Podraza (if another cf is found).

Wagner Mateo signs with Arizona for 500k, down from 3million last July as doubt was cast about the health of his eyes. Rafael DePaula is still a FA, though rumored to be headed to Seattle or NYY.


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