Monday, April 5, 2010

Final System Rosters Posted

Final System Rosters Posted- check the roster worksheet pinned to the sidebar to check them out. Nicest surprise? My boy Edwin "Easy Eddie" Garcia has apparently won the starting 2B job at Hickory. A natural SS, he is blocked by Leury Garcia at that spot in Hickory. Hopefully Leury gets quickly promoted to the Blaze (but don't cross your fingers on that one). Easy Eddie is an excellent defender with good power but who has a long swing that might need some changes in the long run. He led the AZL club in total bases(as a shortstop mind you) until overtaken by Telis and Ortiz in late August when he went through quite a slump to end the season.



  1. Heh, I had this whole post typed up about crazy you are for liking Eddy Garcia... then I realized I was thinking of Eddie Martinez, who licks grundle.

    Gotta say my leas favorite thing is playing it super conservative w/ major college vets DiFaziGod and Hogan who butt for ceiling's and nothing to prove in the low minors, thereby relegating Macumba to caddy duty yet again.


    -Dirque T. Ron.

  2. I don't know many serious Austin ranger fans... You watch many games out in bars? I'm a south Austin (Zilker area) denizen myself...

  3. Yo DT, Easy Eddie's response to being morphed into E-Mart's doppleganger: "no respeto, no respeto, te dice!" and "I'm no Martinez, I'm of Garcia stock" and "are you saying we all look alike, gringo?". Still floatin' under the radar but just you wait...EMart's a pretty good defensive MIF btw though, yeah, org guy.

    As for the vet catchers, Hogan's an org guy IMO and will be the Mauro Gomez of AA. With DiFAzio, he missed 2-3 years of ball due to his weird neurological thing so maybe he's there to work on backstop skills, idk. It wouldn't surprise me though if the end result is the same: he starts 2011 in AA so I'm not sure it makes that much difference where he starts this year lowA, highA. But I do like him and it would be quite a cool story to see him make it as a b/u backstop in the end.

    I will say that I like the way TX tries to pair an org guy with a greenhorn at the most difficult of positions and Macumba is definitely one of those. He'll get my pt this year I think even with a vet there so quit your whining already...

    BTW, I look forward to reading a couple of your trip reports from hickory when checking out the best pitching staff in the minors. Make sure to mention how fat Santana is at least once (6.0/225!).

  4. To the anonymous bar hopper: no i generally only take in Mavs and Boys games in local watering holes (shoal creek is a good spot) as I generally get all of the beisbol games on cable via Grande (or I'm listening to/watching a MiL game instead).

    And also of course as you say because there are precious few Rangers fans in Austin and maybe none at all in the graduate college in liberal arts (but that applies to sports generally there for the most part, except for futbol among the latinamericanistas)...