Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holy platoon arrangement Batman!

check out the Hickory staff:

Anthony Andro aandro

@goyogringo hickory staff bell doyle erlin font hurley lueke nelo ocampo ramirez ross thompson tullis weiland

So there has to be some platoon madness going on there to accommodate all of those starters, maybe even a 6-man roto. So the relievers proper will be Lueke, Nelo, and Ocampo. The back end of a platoon arrangement to manage innings (say 3-4 per start) will probably be Erlin and Ramirez (only 60ip in 09 and 45 in 08. Bell Font and Doyle don't need their innings managed having pithed 100 innings or more last year. Ross Thompson Tullis, Hurley and wieland will be limited from 110-120 innings. Hurley could be moved to the pen but he pitched well as a starter last year so you would think he figures in to the platoon arrangement.

Wow. What an innings management nightmare for the coaches. Good luck with that.

Ramirez- Erlin
Ross - Thompson
Wieland - Tullis



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