Monday, April 26, 2010

International News

Very nice summary article at MLBTR with eng/spn links describing the continuing conflict between MLB and Dominican baseball professionals regarding a future intl. draft. It has gone so far as to effect games and workout sessions with Dominican repts barring MLB scouts from workouts, and MLB effectively canceling a DPL game by barring use of MLB-owned facilites. For those keeping track, the Dominican Prospect League extended its season past March due to the success of the incipient development league.

Also per MLBTR, D'Backs void the 190k contract of 2009 j2 OF sign Socrates Brito due to his recent PED suspension. Boston signs 22yo Cuban catcher Adalberto Ibarra to a 3mill 5 year deal with an additional 1.3 million in incentives.


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