Sunday, April 4, 2010

Roster Update

So I've updated the system rosters with what we know along with what we can approximate. The only thing that is really in flux are a few of the backup position spots at each level. The most unpredictable roster element at any level was the Hickory starting rotation. The decision to bring over all of the starting pitchers from spokane, Erlin, and keep Doyle and Bell in low A was the roster bombshell, giving them up to 10 roto guys to platoon. That is just mind blowing. Normally they leave 3-4 of those guys in Extended and bring them up when someone is promoted. Not this year. Should be interesting to watch the coaches both prostrate themsleves before the gods giving thanks to such a talented rotation while also cursing the devil for all the lost sleep due to 5 long months of innings management.


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