Friday, May 28, 2010

DSL Roster Notes

The DSL roster was posted this afternoon to my surprise (but with few surprises) and there are only 7 new FA signs that we did not know about, probably receiving bonuses in the 10-25k range:

Hansler Alberto, 17.4, SS, DR
Christefer Obispo, 17.8, 1B, Curacao
Diego Cedeno, 17.9, OF, VZ
Luis Baez, 20.3, RHP, DR
Able de los Santos, RHP, 17.3, DR
Jesus Diaz, 17.4, RHP, VZ
Luis Moreno, 17.8, RHP, VZ

As usual, the Venezuelans are the ones to keep an eye on as the season progresses. It doesn't look like any of them played in the DPL. Baez is likely an org player unless he is a converted position player. Here are the kids that we already knew about:

Luis Sardinas SS (2b) (VZ 09j2, 1.5m) (SH)
J. Profar SS (2b, 3b) (CCO 09j2, 1.55m) (SH)
Jorge Alfaro C (OF) (CO 09J2 ~1.3M)
Luis Mendez (VZ 2009 j2: ~75k)
Chris Garcia (CF) (CCO 2009 j2: ~75k)
Guy Edmonds (Aus- 09J2, ~150K) C
David Perez (2009 j2: ~425k)
Victor Payano (LH) (2009 j2: ~75k)
Luis Daniel de la Torre (LH) (MX 09J2, ~75k)

Total ~ 5.23m

The roster should be viewed as incomplete for about a week after the season starts as some people have paperwork/logistical issues, might be injured, and a couple of more might be signed. There are a few people from last year who do not appear on the roster right now but who I expect will be added for those reasons:

Carlos Ramirez, RH SP (2nd yr), DR (status: reassigned to minors)
Luis Daniel de la Torre, LH SP, rookie, MX (status: unknown)
Luis Cedeno Reyes, C, (2nd yr), VZ (status: unknown)
Carlos Torres, C, (2nd yr), VZ (status: reassigned to minors)
Jose Mateo, 1b/of, 2nd yr, DR (status: active)
Anyenil Mendoza, SP, DR (status: reassigned to minors)

There are a few players who have been assigned to the DSL club for the first month to get some extra playing time and/or evaluation/instruction but who will likely be reassigned to a short season club when those seasons begin at the end of June:

Ruben Sierra, CF, PR
Andres Frias, OF, DR/US
Jose Mavare, SP, VZ
Leo Gil, LH SP, VZ
Juan Grullon, SP, VZ
Anyenil Mendoza, SP, DR

*****All in all, TX signed 16 players eligible to sign during the 2009 J2 signing period: 9 position players and 7 pitchers. Last year, TX signed more than 2x that amount of players (about 35-40 for a total estimated expenditure of about 3.1 million) but the dissolution of one of the squads made signing that many players unnecessary.

Kelvin de Leon, Ender Rosendo and Jairo Valdez have been released with the first 2 possible being involved with VISA chicanery.


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