Friday, May 28, 2010

J2 Notes

Blake Bentley over at MLBTR has what might be the first top 10 list for the 2010 J2 signing period.

Based on his list, you have to be very excited about all of the position players out there - especially the 6 OF prospects - and the possibility that TX can sign 2-3 of them. I would expect TX to focus on the OF crop.

I might be posting a J2 review around the end of June. There is so much public information out there right now that I'm not sure I will have anything unique to contribute like last year other than a Ranger's-centric perspective.

TX has been tied to SS MS Peguero since last year's signing period. Peguero has been widely regarded as the top 2010 J2 shortstop since last year. All of these kids have been followed by scouts for 2-3 years now and this year's crop was also attending workout's last year right alongside the 2009 crop, so team's have had a pretty good idea about who they like for a long while.

Additionally, some of these kids may have played for the DPL and I'll try to compile rankings, reports, stories and stats over the course of June in preparation for my review.

********The DSL starts on Sunday and I will review the roster as soon as it is posted on the MiLB site or over at Jason Cole's site. In the interim you can see my projected roster in the sidebar roster worksheet. There are brief profiles on some of these kids in the profiles worksheets as well. **********


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