Friday, May 28, 2010

Jorge Alfaro

I just stumbled upon an article in the Colombian "El Universal" written around the time Alfaro signed in January.

The paper interviewed the scout who signed him Hamilton Sarabia, who has been with the organization for about a year and represents a further expansion of the TX scouting presence into areas less known as baseball powerhouses but which nevertheless usually produce one elite prospect per signing period.

He went on to discuss Alfaro's strengths that have become well-known through Cole's and Park's coverage during ST while confirming that he will report straight to the AZL:

"He has a major league arm, an explosive but very consistent bat, moreover, he is disciplined and is mature beyond his young age." ("Tiene un brazo de grandes ligas, un bateo explosivo, de mucha consistencia; además es disciplinado y una madurez única a pesar de su corta edad.")

Alfaro received the highest bonus to date for a Colombian player - 1.3m - with lots of teams competing for his services. Sarabia said that Alfaro was in the DR for about 7 months prior to the signing period working out for clubs (and competed in 6 games for the DPL). Before the signing he spent about a week at the Ranger's club in San Pedro de Macoris.

Jorge's father said that his son has played on a traveling team since he was very young. In countries such as Colombia, and Panama and Nicaragua, where a youth baseball infrastructure is not present, these traveling teams/leagues are probably the main vehicle through which these kids develop and get noticed.

Sarabia went on to say that Alfaro is simply a special player and he's convinced the kid will reach the majors in 5 years.


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