Thursday, May 20, 2010

Minor Moves and Notes

Doug Mathis moves into the rotation, Omar Beltre will stick in the rotation for now, while Geoff Geary will move back to the pen. The team is currently only carrying 11 position players.

Tommy Hunter got roughed up in his first 3 innings.

Petit day to day with a minor injury suffered at the tail end of Monday's game but should be back this weekend.

The pxp guy characterized one Ogando slider that caught one batter looking as "the best pitch thrown tonight, by anybody."

For those of you that thought Salty's back issue was a cover for his throwing issues when he was given a few days off some time ago, he appeared to tweak his back on a wild swing and miss in the top of the ninth. He reached back to grab at his low back after the swing, and was attemping to loosen it on the next swing. On his final swing, he missed wildly again, lost his balance, spun out of the box, and grabbed at his back again.

Also, from the little bit of game that I caught he seemed to be throwing back to the pitcher well once again after reports from last nights game claimed he made a few erratic throws. Only one ball in the 2-3 innings that I saw was a bit short but the pitcher was still able to stoop from the mound and pick it. It appears he's going to need a few more weeks getting comfortable with his new approach (higher arm angle, new close-fingered grip, ball tap timing mechanism) before any judgments can be cast.

Beavan pitched his second straight 8 inning start on 93 pitches with only 2 strikeouts, at least one coming on the third out of the 7th, a SOS on an 81mph slider.

Kinslerhomer notes that Josh Lueke has been promoted to Frisco (via Luekes twitter).

Font struggled terribly in his 2 innings throwing about 65 pitches: 2/4h/6er/5bb/1so/1hr.

Home and Away announcers alike continue to rave about the extremely quick actions that Tommy Mendonca has at 3b to continue a theme from last year. In tonights game, the Modesto radio guy marveled on one play that the pick, transfer and throw was so quick it seemed like one motion.

The Blaze hit an amazing 14 singles to one xbh through the 7th, 16 thru the 10th! Engel Beltre went 5-5 with a triple.

NeRa continues to tantalize and frustrate, going 7 innings for the first time this season with only 3 hits, zero walks, zero hbp, zero wp, along with 8 strikeouts. His go/ao was also more balanced during this start (6-6). The first 2 innings that I listened to his FB was dominant and his first 4 strikeouts came on the pitch. No velo info.

Tullis had a weird outing and i hope he was not injured. He came on in the 7th gave up 2 singles, a man got on via an error, then gave up another single and was removed without getting an out.

Hat tip to Shroomer for this Clawlossal heads up about this Hickory promotion, which amounts to an assault on all things gustatory and arterial:

"The Hickory Crawdads will be unveiling their Clawlossal Challenge on Saturday night!
The Clawlossal consists of a footlong hot dog with chili and cheese, pub chips, an eight ounce hamburger, a BBQ sandwich, a corn dog, five onion rings, two jalapeno poppers, and two pickle spears. The first challenger to complete the food behemoth on Saturday will receive a Clawlossal t-shirt and their photo on the Clawlossal Wall."



  1. I'm the "anonymous bar hopper".

    Just noticed that you responded to my comment last month. After a day or so, I forgot to check for a response.

    Anyway, I recently posting under the name "VM" on LSB.

    If you're ever interested in taking in a game with a fellow Ranger fan, let me know. I've no TV, so I'm compelled to get out of the house to watch now and again. Typically at Black Sheep or Red's Porch, as they're both near my house. But I'll go anywhere that's got good beer on draft and decent TVs.

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