Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Minor Moves and Notes from TRS

Kennil Gomez (ankle) and Fabio Castillo (rib) to the DL for Bak with Andrew Laughter joining the staff from extended (rehabbing).

The injury to Gomez might explain Font's promotion. His #s suggest that he hasn't quite earned it yet this year: h/9 up, bb/9 down, so/9 even. However he has yet to pitch more than 5 innings to start the year and is only averaging a little more than 4.1 innings per start!

Interesting comment by Scioscia on Salty:
"He has a terrific arm, I think when he throws to second base, he's accurate," Scioscia said. "So, when he throws to the pitcher, we've learned through some guys who have had it, it's obviously a feel and release-point issue where he doesn't feel comfortable throwing short distances. I wouldn't say it's very common, but it does happen to some players."

And this comment by Torii Hunter on Andrus' stellar 8th inning play:
"That's the best play that's been made on me. Ever," Hunter said. "That guy can really play. He was in left field and made a heck of a throw. That was a sweet play the more I think about it."


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