Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Minor Notes

Jason Cole reports that Frostad has been assigned to Frisco.

Miggie de los Santos made his full season debut tonight in Hickory. He had some command issues with the first couple of batters, unable to hit the outside corners with either his FB or CB. However he settled down and was sitting 93-94 in this outing and threw one CB at an unbelievable slow 67mph.

Matt Thompson had a stellar start but I'm still not quite a believer. The only FB velo I got was 90 in the first or second inning. I'm still not convinced that his FB will play up in the high minors (straight) or that his velo will sit at anything more than average, 88-92. But I'm am much more enthusiastic about his performance this year and he seems to be pitching much better. In addition, reports have his changeup as a much improved offering which is very encouraging for a young pitcher. I'm going to stick to my guns on him and say his ceiling is as a #4 but it would not surprise me if he developed into a mid-rotation prospect down the line and I would be happy to be wrong on him. Jason Parks and Jason Cole have always liked him, even when he didn't have a changeup at all, so there are lots of folks in the know who disagree with my take. I would still like to see how his FB plays up in HighA before jumping (late) on the Thompson train.

There have been a couple of reports on Cody Eppley's first 2 appearances in AA that point to a big velo spike for the kid, going from 85-88 to 88-92. What is amazing about that is that the kid is a sidearmer! I'm trying to imagine Darren O'day throwing 92 and being more unhittable than he already is. Cole is going to chat Eppley up while in Frisco this week so we'll get some more info on this spike in a day or two.


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