Wednesday, June 30, 2010

J2 Notes

Ben Badler (BA) is reporting that as many as 20 (1/2!) of the top Domincan J2 prospects failed their drug test, mainly testing postive for a steroid variation. 40 prospects regarded as the creme of the Dom crop who were asked to go through a more centralized pre-J2 screening process (initiated by Sandy Alderson, MLB's Dominican point man this year) that included drug, medical and age testing.

these players can't be suspended now as they have yet to sign, but must take a second drug test after they sign, a positive test for which would require the standard 50g suspension.

Trainer Victor Baez's prospects seem most adversely affects: possible 7-figure sign OF Edwin Moreno; 3b Hector Veloz; LHP Emmanuel DeJesus; LHP Eduardo Ramos. None of the othet ~15 names have been sleuthed out yet.

In other news, "Rafael DePaula Figuero", err, Jose Rafael DePaula, has submitted documents attesting to his real name and age. It turns out that he is a year older, as many suspected, turning 19 right at the beginning of the Ma/Milg seasons, 3/24/91. Once thought to be a 7-figure guy, his lack of proessional training the last 2 years coupled with his new age will probably make him a 600k -900k guy now. TX, NYY and Seattle have always expressed interest in the kid, who has a nice frame, a low90s FB (that flashed 95, at least a couple yrs ago), and a nice breaking ball.


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