Thursday, June 3, 2010

Minor Moves and Notes

Brandon McCarthy will be activated today and used as a bullpen arm to see if that helps him stay healthy.

Tommy Hunter is with the Rangers at present but will not be activated until his start on Saturday in place of Holland. As I noted previously, Hunter has had a couple of rough outings in 2 of his last 3 starts, struggling vs RHH.

Ben Snyder replacing Martin Perez in the rotation for at least a turn. Lucas and Cole speculate that he will be working on mechanical issues on the side.

Lucas tweets that Mitch Hillogoss is being promoted to AA while Whittleman is being activated from the DL and demoted to Bak.

Danny "meat head" Gutierrez's 50 game suspension expired on Saturday and he was eligible to be activated on 5/30. Jason Cole mentions that he will be sent to Hickory to get stretched out and will be activated today. He will eventually end up in the Frisco rotation when it is all said and done. As a 23yo, with lots of time missed due to suspensions and injuries, he has played exactly one game above HighA. His makeup issues and lost development time mean that his ceiling is likely a setup guy.

Their are a few guys that are in extended that have yet to appear in a full-season game yet: Jason Ogata, Clark Murphy, Edwin Martinez, Johnny Gunter, Ben Henry, Ovispo DLS, and Sam Brown. Per jason Cole, Jason Ogata is recovering from shoulder surgery, while everyone else is currently healthy, though Murphy and Gunter might have be dealing with some minor injuries to begin the season.

Also - and I can't remember the source for this - Toby Hall is playing about 6 innings but not in full games yet as he is still building up arm strength. Endy Chavez doesn't appear to be playing in consecutive games yet, as he is still dealing with soreness in his knee. I would say that 7/1 would be a realistic date for them to be assigned to a full season club. Chavez has an opt out date then but he will almost certainly have to waive it.

Looking over Cole's EST box scores, Johnny Whittleman is batting every inning as a DH to attempt to overcome the problems with his swing that have led to the worst start of his career.

My top-ranked DSL prospects, Jose Mavare and Leo Gil, both shined in their 2010 debuts. Each had dominant seasons in their 2009 rookie years and both could have easily handled a promotion to the AZL. It seems that both have starter ceilings but they are being used out of the pen to start the year. Last year they both started and pitched out of the pen, accumulating enough innings to be used as starters in 2010. It isn't yet clear what they throw or if the club views them as starters or not. I believe they will both be promoted to a short-season club once those seasons begin and are in the DSL right now just to get more innings over the first 3 weeks of June.

I will likely do a weekly DSL review starting this weekend, once the rotation has pitched one time through.


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