Friday, June 18, 2010

Minor Moves, Notes

McCarthy activated from the DL and will join the starting rotation per TRS. Cruz will begin his 2-3 game rehab assignment tonight. Evan Reed sent back to Frisco.

MiLB TV will be broadcasting Perez's start tonight! They normally broadcast OKC, while I can't get the Frisco broadcasts on TV21 here in Austin so I'm seeing him for the first time: I'm a Perez virgin. I need to pay someone to tape those Frisco broadcasts on TV21 for me....

Fredo Boscan activated.

DGut is sidelined by a sore throwing shoulder per the pxp guy. Unless he is re-injured, one would expect hard-throwing reliever Johnny Gunter to be sent to LowA in the next week or so. If not, he might start off in Spokane for a few weeks before getting bumped up.

Season starts tonight and Randol Rojas should be kicking things off. Rojas is a nice prospect who dominated last year in his debut and won the DSL co-pitcher of the year award. That's a nice honor as there are about 25 teams and 125-150 starting pitchers who would've have been under consideration for that award. So, check out the radio feed tonight. I liked the radio guy last year - not sure if it is the same guy - and they have the longest pregame of all the clubs.

According to Jason Cole, the rotation will be Rojas, McBride, Osborne, and Miggie, with the last spot open. Denny Peralta is a likely candidate for the last spot though there could be some guys coming up from the DSL who could get the call: Leo Gil, Jose Mavare, Anyenil Mendoza, Juan Grullon. I would expect that Miggie was sent to Spokane from Hickory and placed in the rotation to get more innings so that he can work on his secs and his command before being bumped back to hickory (or even Bak); his command was BA in 2008 (4.7 walks as a starter in spokane, 1st yr back from TJ) and horrible in 2009 (as a closer in the DSL, around 6.2 walks per nine to 17yo hitters who have BA plate discipline as a whole).

UPDATE: Mike Olt, 1st supp pick, signs for 717.3K per Andro, assigned to Spokane as expected.

The season opens on Monday. There should be a few DSL players reassigned state-side sometime in the first 2 weeks of the season: Ruben Sierra, Jose Alfaro, and Andres Frias.

There should be a few more activations of players not currently on the active roster when most of the guys moving on to the AZL are reassigned: Ramirez, de la Torre, Mateo, Reyes, and Torres.

UPDATE: Couple of updates from Jason Cole: de la Torre is rehabbing an arm injury at the AZ complex. Light-hitting 2nd-yr CF Luis Cabrera has moved to the mound. Chris Garia signed for about 100k as a fleet-footed but very inexperienced CF (former track guy on Curacao's national team). SS Luis Mendez signed for a surprisingly large bonus of 500K - yet another VZ shortstop to keep an eye on! His signing was announced, so I had assumed that he got between 100-150 or so. Knowing that he signed for much more is very encouraging as it implies a high-ceiling guy (500k is about the third tier in j2 signing bonuses and implies a substantial ceiling). Keep an eye on him.


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