Wednesday, June 2, 2010


What follows is a list of confirmed cuts in addition to a reserve/inactive list and a list of those projected to be reassigned to a short-season club once their respective seasons begin. There are about 7 players who should be promoted to a short-season club at some point. The long list of players on the reserve/inactive list will likely compete to take their spots on the DSL roster once they are promoted. After this the team may elect to keep any remaining players on the reserve/inactive squad for depth or simply release them.

DSL Moves
2nd yr RHP Roberto Perez was activated/re-signed today. He missed most of last year due to injury, appearing in only 1g/3ip.

Johan BARBOZA RP 18.6
Melvin BryanX (unprotected) 23.5
Jose UrbinaX 21.6
Reynaldo Alvarez X 22.1
Frank Garces, LH 20.2
Ender ROSENDO (AZL) Injured 20.5
Kelvin de leon (R5E 10) Injured? or Visa 21.3
Keury AriasX (2B) injured 21.7
Gilberto GuarucanoX SH 18.9
Miguel Montes de Oca cf 19.7
Moreno 1b/3b (c) 20.2
Jairo ValdezX (OF/1B) RESTR/Visa (Hickory?) 21.4

Emmanuel Solis (not on ext roster) 20.8
Anyenil Mendoza (R5E 10) Injured? or Visa 20.3
Juan Grullon (LH) (DR) (27) 20
Jose Mavare 20.1
Leonel Gil (LH) 19.1
Andres Frias, LF (Udfa, 09- US/DR), INJ 09? 20.1
Ruben Sierra CF/LH (PR) 19.1

Jose Mateo, OF /1B (LH) 19.8
Luis Cedeno Reyes (C) 17.8
C. Torres, C (3B to C)# 18.1
Ramon Mota Lf (cf) (active) 19.7
Jose Arias SS (2B/3B) (assigned to new team level) 19.8
Julio GonzalezX (1B/SS) injured (Restr?) (Active) 22.3
(If I had to guess, Gonzo will likely become or already is a DSL coach. He has been kept on the active roster for the last 2 years without playing. As a player he has experience both in the DSL and AZL with TX.)

Anyenil Mendoza (R5E 10) Injured? or Visa 20.3
Carlos Ramirez 18.9

Emmanuel Solis (not on ext roster) 20.8
Luis Daniel de la Torre (LH) (MX 09J2, ~75k) ~17
Luis Indriago X INJ (active) 21.9
Ramon Taveras (LH) RP (RTM) 18.9
Kelvin Gomez (reassigned to minors) 21.2
Pepe Sibid RP (active)
Luis Simeoli (active)
Domingo Agusvivas (RTM)
Gerson Cuevas (RTM)


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