Thursday, June 10, 2010

Minor Moves

Warner Madrigal promoted to OKC; commensurate move pending.

UPDATE: The other shoe falls, McCarthy to the DL again.

Tim Murphy off the DL; not sure who else replaced him.

UPDATE: Cole reports that Boscan is headed to the DL.

Big news I guess. Tony Doyle has been placed on the suspended list per BA. A week or so ago, he was sent to extended without explanation.

UPDATE: Miggie DLS sent to extended with the activation of "Meat Head", err, DGut, err, Danny Gutierrez. On the eve of his activation, he apparently forgot to take his ADHD meds (but at least his paperwork is now in order 50 games later) unable to control himself from posting a naively anti-semitic post in addition to other foul-mouthed outbursts on facebook - DGut, case study in what not to do with your life when presented with the opportunity to earn millions (unless your only goal in life is to be reunited with your inebriated blog buddy, Beau Vaughan).


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