Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rangers' unofficial beat writer: Jamey Newberg

OMG, I can't believe I missed this. The ballclub was forced to release expenses for the last year during the most recent bankruptcy hearing. In that disclosure, it was revealed that insipid Rangers fanboy blogger Jamey Newberg was on the TX payroll to the tune of about $28K from January through April!! And here I thought that his blissfully uncritical prose about all things majors/minors was just a character defect when in fact he's paid to do it: The Newberg, fanboy shill! If you know how much I just love The Newberg, you'll know how giddy this makes me. Gotta love those "Top 10" lists Jamey; keep'em com'in! Here is the excerpt from the ST:

That and other tightly held confidential information was released by the ballclub, including president Nolan Ryan's $1.5 million annual salary through May as well as thousands paid out this year to a Dallas attorney who writes what has been generally considered an independent website about the team.

Jamison "Jamey" Newberg, who operates a popular website, The Newberg Report, was paid $27,125 by the team from February through April, according to the court document filed late Monday. Newberg said the payments likely were for books he sold to the club. And while he received no money for his website, the Rangers did finance his family's trip to spring training in Surprise, Ariz.

A lengthy 2004 Dallas Observer article described Newberg's website a as must-read for fans and even baseball beat writers and team officials who, it said, were initially suspicious of Newberg.

There is no disclaimer on his website that Newberg has been paid for services to the Rangers. Near the end of the Observer piece, the weekly said: "Perhaps one day Newberg will finally get what he wants -- a shot at working for a big-league club."


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