Friday, June 18, 2010

Robbie Ross Start, 6/18

1st inning
fb ball, fb osc, slider low, fb ao to warning track
fb strike, fb strike, fb high outside, GB to West - reaches on error
fb osc, foul, just outside, GB under West's glove - West's second error!
fb foul, BB SS, GB to 2nd, reaches on error by Edwin Garcia, flip to Leury scoots into LF, run scores!
GIDP, 3 out. WOW.

2nd inning
fb foul, fb strike, fb low, single
Shallow AO
SS high slider, fb low in dirt, foul, FB SOS
FB low os, GO to 3b.

Ross effectively attacking hitters, working both inside and outside corner with his FB, getting ahead, working quickly, keeping the ball low, getting groundballs, not a lot of pitches per inning - he do what he do. Despite at least one blogger's criticism of his strikeout rate (6.1), it is clear that this is, in part, a function of his attacking style and the maintenance of his impressively high GO rate from 2009. I guess if you stare too long at the SO rate you might miss what he has done in his last 9 games: 3.1 go/ao rate; 5.5 SO rate; 1.0 walk rate; .209 BAA; 6.1+ innings per start (58 innings); 8 quality starts; 1 hr (60 innings); 0 ER vs LHH on the season (15 innings).

3rd inning
##### 1 out
##### walk
foul, slider low, low (Zaneski throws out runner), GO
(42 pitches, 26 strikes: 62%; 1 hit through 3)

4th inning
fb low, slider cs osc, foul, fb low, SOS on a nasty slider
fb cs osc, fb inside, foul, slider GO
fb low, chopper to 3b, 3 out
(53 pitches, 33 strikes, through 4)

5th inning
shallow fly to CF
fb cs, fb ball, slider ss, slider ball, fb just inside, GO to short
go to 1b
(61 pitches/38 strikes through 5) - I'm thinking complete game maybe, surely 8 innings?

6th inning
fb low, fb high, fb foul, slider just inside, double off LF wall
fb high outside (Zaneski out), RBI line drive double into LF past 3b, game tied 2-2
slider cs, high chopper past 1b into RF, runner scores from 2b; Ortiz error, game 2-3
high chopper to 2B, force out, 1 out
slider CS, fb outside, Slider low in dirt, slider SS, FB SOS
FB CS, foul, slider low inside, FB SOS
(~21 pitches in sixth; 82/47, 9-4 go/ao); 4 Hickory errors in the game

7th inning
fb low outside, fb low skips to backstop, chopper to shortstop, 1 out
fb SS, hits batter
strike, fb low outside, high chopper, Easy Eddie snags it, tags runner, throws to 1b for the DP
(~90 pitches/51 strikes, 12-4 go/ao, probably done)

Just a comment about the announcer. there is no way that Ross didn't throw a single changeup tonight. NO CHANCE.

8th inning
strike, FB low outside, SS, FB low outside in dirt, SOS high FB
Ross pulled 95 pitches/55 strikes (announcer says 89 pitches/56 strikes), 7.1ip


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