Thursday, July 1, 2010

Breaking News: Michael Main is PTBNL

Some people will freak about this trade but Main is no longer an elite prospect; he's has a #3_4 ceiling in my opinion: Ave 88-92 FB (same as last year); inconsistent CB, no longer plus (same as last year); below average CU (same as last year); ao/go rate .65; led league in HR allowed; led world in HR allowed vs LHH. He probably would've been tattooed in Frisco. Will see if that is case if he is assigned to AA with his new club.

Basically it is Main for 2 million$, a move to upgrade the catching platoon for a mid-level starting prospect who is repeating hgih A who likely won't be ready to compete for a starting rotation spot until 2013. Getting the team to pick up the cash allows us to take on salary for a big-time pitcher in a future trade (Lee, Oswalt). Now ideally, you would just take on his salary and get them to add a prospect but the circumstances for TX are different until the sale goes down.

Whatever the case, this system is overflowing with guys with the same 3_4 ceiling at every level so I'm not fretting about this move. This is a great move if TX lands a top rotation pitcher at the deadline with the money they saved (err, did not use) with this move. It will be a poor trade if TX does not get their man. However, Michael Main is not all that anymore and hasnt been for some time. Carlos Pimentel (#4 ceiling) has put up similar #s to Main in his first go 'round in High A and he is 1 year younger. Take a look at their splits:

Carlos Pimentel
Michael Main

So lets move on now to securing that top rotation veteran.


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