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j2 Preview: International Signing Day

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"Brace for a slow, strange July 2"

Badler on Rangers and J2:

"Texas Rangers: The Rangers' best prospect is arguably Martin Perez, a lefthander who signed with the organization three years ago for $580,000. The club added to its collection of Latin talent last year by adding a pair of seven-figure shortstops, Curacao's Jurickson Profar and Venezuela's Luis Sardinas. The club was also high on Dominican outfielder Guillermo Pimentel, who ended up signing with the Mariners for $2 million, and this year their target appears to be another offensive-oriented prospect, Dominican shortstop Esteilon Peguero. The Rangers have experience dealing with Peguero's trainer, Enrique Soto, signing his 25-year-old son Lee Soto in January the same day they signed another one of Soto's players, Colombian catcher Jorge Alfaro, for $1.3 million. The Rangers figure to be competitive for other top prospects in Latin America as well, though perhaps not to the extent they were last year because it's not clear whether their financial issues will affect their international spending the way it has in the draft."

Badler on Peguero:

EP Video

B-T: R-R. Ht.: 6-1 Wt.: 185

Peguero, a 16-year-old from Bani, trains with Enrique Soto and has been shown at showcases for La Academia and in games at the Dominican Prospect League. There are some scouts who have called Peguero the top hitter available in this year's July 2 class, as he's shown the ability to hit in game situations against live pitching. Peguero has a quick bat, good pitch recognition for his age and a sound swing. Peguero does have a late trigger that can give him problems against good fastballs on the inner half, but once he gets his hands through he's able to whip his bat through the zone with an excellent finish. Peguero isn't a power hitter, but he's able to drive the ball into the gaps and should grow into more power down the road. While Peguero's bat is his carrying tool, he's just an average runner and does not project to stick at shortstop. He will likely move to third base or second base, where some scouts believe he could become a solid defender. The Mariners and Rangers have both shown interest in Peguero, and some believe the Rangers are the favorite. On January 19, the Rangers signed a catcher represented by Soto, Jorge Alfaro from Colombia, for $1.3 million. That same day, the Rangers also signed Soto's son, 25-year-old third baseman Lee Soto, who signed with the Blue Jays for a high six-figure bonus in 2005 but was released after the 2008 season after hitting .201/.248/.293 in four seasons of Rookie and short-season ball."

Badlers Top 33 with Videos (ranked from high bonus - low bonus)

1. Esteilon Peguero, SS, Dominican Republic (video)
2. Luis Heredia, RHP, Mexico
3. Adonis Cardona, RHP, Venezuela
4. Renato Nunez, 3B, Venezuela
5. Eskarlin Vazquez, RF, Dominican Republic
6. Phillips Castillo, OF, Dominican Republic
7. Vicmal de la Cruz, CF, Dominican Republic (video)
8. Rougned Odor, SS, Venezuela (video)
9. Wilmer Romero, CF, Dominican Republic
10. Ariel Ovando, OF, Dominican Republic (video)
11. Humberto Arteaga, SS, Venezuela
12. Jose Torres, RHP, Colombia
13. Yorman Garcia, CF, Venezuela
14. Gabriel Cenas, 3B, Venezuela
15. Elvis Sanchez, 3B, Dominican Republic
16. Angel Mejias, LHP, Venezuela
17. Yoel Araujo, CF, Dominican Republic (video)
18. Jordi Calderon, 3B, Venezuela
19. Edwin Moreno, OF, Dominican Republic (video)
20. Argy Raga, C, Venezuela
21. Alberto Triunfel, SS, Dominican Republic
22. Jose Tovar, LHP, Venezuela
23. Pedro Perez, 3B, Colombia
24. Yorman Landa, RHP, Venezuela
25. Vicente Lupo, OF, Venezuela
26. Antonio Gonzalez, SS, Dominican Republic
27. Geronimo Franzua, LHP, Dominican Republic (video)
28. Ronny Mejias, SS, Venezuela
29. Christopher Tamarez, SS, Dominican Republic
30. Luis Abad, RHP, Dominican Republic
31. Felix Jorge, RHP, Dominican Republic
32. Javier Pimentel, SS, Dominican Republic
33. Anderson Gonzalez, SS, Venezuela

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I should add, you might also find a few purloined j2 articles from paysites there as well. You didn't hear it from me...

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Spanish language foro:
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