Friday, July 2, 2010

Jake Brigham start, 7/2

1. (walk)
2. (AO LF)
3. (SB, GO shortstop)
4. (AO LF)

1. (GO to short)
2. fb high, fb cs osc, foul, cb cs osc cso, nice sharp curve, froze hitter
3. fb foul, fb outside, fb outside, fb outside, foul pop up

1. fb cs osc, go short, quick strong throw by easy eddie just beats runner
2. foul, go 1b
3. foul, cb outside ss, cb just inside, cb infield single on a bad hop off Garcia's shoulder
4. ball inside, fb high inside, fb low, fb outside, Holman to the mound
5. (strike), cb cs, cb SOS

1. (LD single LF)
2. (single flyball RF)
3. fb just high, fb low, fb up and inside foul, foul, gidp 3b
4. fb cs, offspeed outside, go 3b

50pitches/30 strikes thru 4; 7-3 ao/go

1. fb high inside, IFF 2b
2. cb cs, cb chopped foul, LD double over CF's head
3. fb inside, fb high inside, broken bat go to short
4. (LH) fb foul, fb high outside, fb low outside, ao center field

8-4 ao/go
~62 pitches thru 5
Brigham's final line: 5/4/0/2/2/0hr

Robbie Erlin in Relief
1. FB CS inside, fb up and in, changeup foul, fb foul, fb oustside, changeup foul (bat splinters), fb foul, fb SOS
2. fb ld flyball in the gap to RF
3. fb cs osc, fb cs osc, fb go to SS, low throw that 1b can't scoop, Bolden Error
4. fb cs osc, cb low, cb low, fb low away, ao to center

1. fb cs, fb inside, fb high, hard foul RF line, hard foul third base line, CB in dirt, FB inside high
2. fb cs osc, cb ss, fb popped up shallow RF to second baseman
3. fb cs isc, foul, throws over, fb osc cso
4. cb bunt foul, cb cs osc, fb foul, fb foul (cracks bat), fb sos

Sam Brown in relief
1. fb cs, fb ss, cb sos
2. strike, ball, strike, CSO
3. fb osc, breaking ball cs osc, strike, breaking ball outside, fb sos!!

(missed Ninth)


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