Saturday, July 10, 2010

Minor Notes

The Ranger's are about to get swept by the worst team in baseball while Lee gives up 6er and 3hr in a complete game with fewer than 95 pitches. Bizarre. Their July record does not bode well for the second half after a record June: 3-7.

Warsh's continued fascination with having an extra lefty in the bullpen - despite the fact that he never has used Oliver or Harrison as loogies in actuality - has continued to block Pedro Strop's ascension to the 25. Given me Harrison in the OKC rotation and Strop on the 25 or both on the 25 with the release of Nippert. Strop is just too good to stay in the minors and Nippert has not rediscovered his 2009 form in any of his appearances this year.

I would expect Tanner Scheppers to move back into a bullpen role around the 1st week of August in order to keep his total innings to about 100-110 on the year. Whether he does this in the TX pen or the OKC pen for the month of August might depend on how well Pedro Strop is pitching and how long the team sticks with Nippert.

Rich Harden will start his rehab in OKC today with a 30-pitch limit. Derek Holland should follow by the end of the week but will probably do so in Frisco.

UPDATE: This from Richard Durrett at the Future's Game:
"Scheppers has been building up his innings and said that as of later this week, he'll be completely built up and a starter. He seems excited about that. We'll catch up with him after the game...Scheppers said he's scheduled to start on July 15. "

UPDATE: Scheppers hit 101 on the stadium gun and 99 several times on scout's guns in his 2/3 of an inning. He wasn't able to command his curve at all but he didn't need it. Not as jaw-dropping of a performance as Feliz had last year but I'll take 100...


According to multiple sources, Martin Perez was taken out of the game after his 5th inning warm up tosses. Word is he had back spasms.

Jonathan Greene should be activated from his AZL rehab stint in the next few days.
UPDATE: Greene reassigned from the AZL to Bakersfield. Greene has been out with what turned out to be a serious hamstring injury since 4/28.

Frisco currently has only 22 active players on their roster.
UPDATE: Late roster move today. Tim Murphy promoted to AA from Bak. What a Bust!

Font was skipped for his scheduled start today and could be on the DL. No word on his injury status. Y-H Nam took the spot start.

I'm still pissed that TX has pigeon-holed Trevor Hurley into a bullpen role. He does'nt have the stuff to be a late-inning reliever in the bigs but does have the stuff to be a 3_4 starter IMO. As a result, and in this system, his ceiling might only be limited to that of a middle reliever. Que loco.

Leury Garcia should be back from his rehab assignment in the next week. Terribly unfortunate that Vinny DiFazio should suffer such a slow-healing injury early in the season, a torn oblique; it could very well force him to miss the season. It was such a critical year for him given his age and missed time during his college years due to injuries/illnesses. Big setback.

DGut has been activated. Hooray.

No word on when Luis Sardinas will return from his EST hand injury (HBP). He was taking batting practice about a week ago per Jason Cole so here's hoping he gets into some game action next week.

Tomas Telis recovered in record time from his TJ surgery on 2/1/10, hitting as the DH for AZ as of June 21st. I wouldn't expect him to start throwing to based until instructs.

Justin Jamison has been on the suspended/restricted list for the entire year. Kyle Ocampo was demoted from Hickory to AZ on June 27th and was apparently inactivated tout court. Andrew Doyle has been suspended since May 27th.

Per Jason Cole, OF Edgar Alfonso has been converted to a pitcher and is essentially inactive during the conversion process. Leance Soto seems to be inactive as I think he is essentially apprenticing on the coaching Staff. Soto (signed during the offseason i believe) is related to the agent for Esteilon Peguero, one of the top 2010 j2 prospects, and of interest to TX. Coincidence? Probably not. Last year, Texas mysteriously signed nonprospect Andres Frias for a whopping 75k (~7th rd money) and it turned out that he was related to the agent for Guillermo Pimentel, top 5 2009 j2 prospect of interest to TX. The tact didn't work the first time and I wouldn't expect this attempt to grease the venal wheels of the j2 machine to work a second time 'round either.

UPDATE: Heh. Jason Cole just tweeted that Leance Soto has been released. Maybe this is also a good measure of our chances to sign Peguero as well?

K. Deglan has been on the DL or inactivated with an injured hand since June 29th. Albert Puello has been on the DL for the entire season. Joe Van Meter has been on the DL or inactivated since June 24. Injury-prone pitcher Tae Kyung Ahn has only pitched 2 innings this year.

UPDATE: Deglan was the DH in Sunday's game so I would expect him to be in that role for a week or so.

Dominican Luis Parra (LHP, 6.2/170), threw a 6 inning no-hitter yesterday with 1 ER, 1WP, 3 walks and 3 SO. Parra was one of 8 six-figure signs from the '08 j2 period (prob ~100k). Not sure what his ceiling is. From the limited info about him when he signed, he's a soft tosser, 85-88 with decent secs but who has had obvious command problems (see his debut #s). His SO/9 has increased, his groundball rate has been over 2 in both seasons, he has given up one HR in about 80 innings, and his h/9 and BAA has been great both years. His walk rate is down from about 8.5 to about 5.5.

According to one source, promising Dominican RHP Anyenil Mendoza has been placed on the restricted list or retired for unspecified reasons.

Correction: Jason Cole mistakenly reported that 09 VZ j2 sign Luis Mendez signed for 500k but has since amended that to "less than 100k". Lets call it 50-75k.

2010 j2 Signs: 6.5/190, Dominican RHP Jose Oviedo (17.2 - eligible last yr); 6.0/170, 18.5yo RHP Angelo LeClerc (country of origin unknown).

Former OF Luis Cabrera has been been converted to a pitcher.

OF Hector Martinez was on the DL or inactivated from June 15 -July5, activated July 6th. OF Edward Ceballo has been on the DL or inactivated since June 16th. Ruben Sierra has been on the DL or inactivated since July 1. Andres Frias has been on the DL or inactivated since June 13th. Belarmino Campos was on the DL or inactivated a couple of times in the month of June. Luis Mendez has been on the DL or inactivated since June 30. Luis Villegas has been on the DL or inactivated since June 16. Pedro Tirado, injured last year, appears to have dealt with nagging injuries in June, pitching only 9 innings from June 5th to July 4th. Luis Baez appears to be on the DL having pitched only 1.1 innings this season. Hector Herrera has been on the DL or inactivated since June 17 and has 2 innings pitched on the season. Roberto Perez has been on the DL or inactivated since June first and was injured almost all of 2009 as well. 2009 j2 sign LHP Luis Daniel de la Torre (MX) is still rehabbing an injury at the AZ facility (per Cole) but will likely be assigned to the DSL when he is healthy.


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