Monday, July 12, 2010

Minor Notes

It looks like Robbie Ross was placed on the DL after his last Hickory start on 7/1. No word on any injury but it could have merely been a bit of roster chicanery or a chance to work on some issues on the side before his promotion to HighA. He is scheduled for his first Bak start tonight per Jason Cole.

Take a look at Jacobo Brigham's go/ao rate in his 3 Hickory outings and tell me that he wasn't sent down to work on a sinker. His rate in Bak was .85. His rate in three appearances in Hickory is 3.14 not including his start tonight in which he had a 13/3 ratio in his 6 innings of work. Just caught a velo note on him at 91 with 2 out in the 5th with a SOS on a FB to end the inning with a couple runners on.

ODLS had a nice CB working tonight.

Sam Brown has simply been dominating since his assignment to Hickory and should see Bak very soon. Low 90's FB and an AA slider.

Per Jason Cole:
Jon van Meter has been throwing bullpens for the last 10 days so he should be activated or begin rehab any day now.
Tony Doyle has also been throwing bullpens for about 10 days so TX could be close to activating him this week after his late May suspension.
After being demoted to the AZL for unspecified reason, Kyle O'Campo has been officially placed on the suspended list.

Not sure if this was a clerical error or roster chicanery but Jose Mavare was demoted to the DSL on 7/4 and then pitched in a game for the AZL club on 7/9. Who knows.


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