Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Most interesting quote of the year?

Cliff Lee on Ichiro:

I asked Lee if playing with Ichiro was different than watching him from afar. it was a question that animated him more than any other.

"Obviously, before, I knew he was an unbelievable player, and one of the best ever. Getting a chance to be in the same locker room with him and play beside him, he's impressed me even more than I was impressed before with his routine, and how regimented he is on what he does and his worth ethic.

"I knew he got a lot of infield hits before. Usually, when guys get infield hits they mis-hit the ball on accident and beat it out. I really think he knows how to do that on purpose, and he does that intentionally. Getting to see a guy do that, and then can drive the ball out of the ballpark any time he wants to - to see a guy do that is highly impressive. I think he has the best hand-eye coordination of any athlete in the world. The way he does it and his technique, and the way his head is moving forward and yet he's able to stay back the way he does, it's highly impressive.


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