Friday, August 27, 2010


Miguel Velazquez was placed on the "reserve" list for Bak on 8/25. Given his prior character issues, this has to give one pause. However, it could be a bit of pre-playoff roster chicanery or he might even have a minor injury.

UPDATE: MiggyV officially placed on the suspended list per BA. Not good news.

Last year I wouldn't consider putting MiggyV in my top 30 even after his nice comeback year until after he had ZERO personal problems 12 months out, which included an off-season in PR. Well he managed to do this, at least, he didnt' have any problems during that time which were publicized. So he seemed like a safe bet to have pushed past those issues. However, what remains clear is that low-character prospects will always carry that burden of being, well, low-character guys, with the trajectory of their progress always be weighed down by that baggage. So MiggyV blew his second and third chances and as a result I don't really consider him a legit prospect anymore. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if he did not return for 2011, instead becoming a professional player in PR for 3 months a year. He will certainly be on a roster there this Fall, if some team wants him at all.

Texas seems to have more in-house suspensions this year than in any other year that I can recall, all for unspecified reasons to date: Justin Jamison (yr), Kyle Ocampo (~5 weeks), Tony Doyle (~5 weeks) and now MiggyV (am i missing any?). Christian Santana was suspended by MLB for PEDs (50 games or through end of April next year).


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