Monday, September 6, 2010

Minor Notes

Esteban German has been called up to the big club per Ryan Aber of the Oklahoman. No word on the corresponding move necessary to add him to the 40. That move could involve: Cora, Cantu, Gentry or Mathis.

Texas seems like it has become enamored with Ben Snyder (and Beau Jones) as a starter while this seems like a bad idea in general given that he is 25, in his 3rd year in AA, and throws a fringy high 80s FB. Hopefully it is just a end-of-season manpower shortage that has seen him get starter innings of late. With 2 outs in the ninth after a pretty solid 4 innings of work, he got hammered: Db, Db, Sb, Bb, single, Hr, single, lifted...

I will say that TX will be forced to leave some of their lefty bullpen prospects off the 40 this offseason as their are a bunch: Snyder, Rapada, Jones, Phillips, Kiker, Nam, MDLS, GGrullon, Mighty Joe Ortiz. I'm not a fan of loogies so for those loogies nestled in the list, I'm not too concerned about losing any of them. The preference to protect higher ceiling relievers (Castillo, Hamburger, DGut, KGomez, ODLS, Miggie) and newly eligible starters (Boscan, Brigham, Font, Pimentel) means many of those guys will be exposed to the Rule5 and loogies are a (if not the) staple choice among those chosen and the most likely to remain with the selecting club. So, yeah, protect the higher ceiling more versatile guys first, and you'll never regret it.

Robbie Ross got hit hard his first 2 innings then pitched a shutout the next 3. Why is this impressive? The biggest problem some of the young pitchers have had in Bak is preventing or recovering from a monster inning. Ross didn't get knocked out of the game and pitched well enough to go 5 innings when it appeared he was on the ropes. Just ask Kennil Gomez how hard it is to put a cap on a bad inning and finish a game out with some dignity in the rarefied air and sun-baked infield of Bak.

And speaking of Gomez, the kid is one of the disappointing stories of 2010. He has had an abysmal year and it remains a great mystery why the club continues to run him out there as a starter when that does not appear to be his fate. I gave him a mulligan for his abysmal second half last year as he was coming back from (another) injury (that is a substantial DL stay in each of the last 3 years kids) because he had a respectable first half in a place that is by all accounts not easy to play in. After his continued ugliness to begin the season, he should have been quickly shuttled to the pen rather than patiently shoveled more innings.

Knowing that he would only go 3 innings in preparation for his playoff start, Robbie Erlin appeared to have a little extra juice on his FB. He sat 93 although the stadium gun might have been a little fast, and completely dominated hitters with his FB. He struck out the side in the 2nd, getting swinging strikes on the pitch in almost every instance.

Strikeout #s over the last 10 games:
Strausborger, 15
Hoying, 15
Olt, 13
Selen, 12
Skole, 10
Nichols, 10
Profar, 9
Deglan, 9


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