Monday, September 6, 2010

Minor League Playoffs

Bakersfield is the only club that did not make it into the playoffs this year. That is a pretty impressive feat for the TX system. And I will say that Bak still had a chance, as it could still have finished ahead of Stockton had it swept their season-ending series. However, it appeared that "management" chose to mail it in after calling on Zike Rijo (AZL) for a spot start to open the series in the 9-8 loss, and allowing Kennil Gomez enough rope to hang himself in his last ugly outing of the year giving up 11ER in 3 innings (3/12/11/3/0/3) in the subsequent 14-10 loss. So tell me, if you haven't called it a season, why would you choose to open this series with AZ's Rijo (+ 5 relievers) and Gomez (plus 2 AZL callups, and Kaase in the pen) when you could have tweaked your roto a week earlier to make Ross, Wieland, Doyle, or Boscan available earlier? Or Tx could have kept DGut there instead of promoting him to Frisco or promoted Brigham from Hickory. Anyways, it just seems weird, that's all.

Ok so the regular season is officially over for all full season clubs after Monday's games. Both OKC and Frisco begin 5-game sets starting on Wednesday (no days off) versus Iowa or Memphis and Midland respectively. Hickory plays a 3-game set vs Lakewood on 9/8, 9/10-11. Spokane's season ended on Sunday and they begin a 3-game set on Monday vs Yakima, 9/6-9/8. The final 3-set would be played 9/9, 9/11-9/12.

The AZ club was eliminated in a 1-game affair to the Brewers in a heart breaker, giving up 3 runs and a 5-3 lead in the bottom of the 8th after a dominating performance (recovering from a shaky 1st) by Carlos Melo (6ip/13so - 2nd most SO in the system for 2010). The bullpen allowed 3 of 6 inherited runners to score.

The DSL club was eliminated after losing the first 2 of a 3-game set vs the Reds. In game one, David Perez had an impressive outing putting up zeros for 6 innings (6/2/0/2/7) while the bullpen allowed 2 runs in the top of the ninth for a 2-0 loss. Santo Perez fell apart in the 5th inning of game 2 with the bullpen allowing all three inherited runners to score in a 5-3 loss.


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