Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Winter Ball, 10/13

Suprise Box, 10/13
Butler, Beltre, Stoneburner (bleh), and Flores in the game. Butler with 2 hits and a stolen base.

Flores normally sits right at 91, He is an intriguing prospect for a # of reasons and still has some upside both physically and stuff wise. His first inning he sat 92-93 and 91-92 in his second inning of work. He only got one swinging strike (27:17) and allowed an inherited runner to score with 2 out on a groundball single to RF. If I remember correctly, his "CB" is slurvy, and he threw both the CB and CU quite a bit (5 each) for only 1.1 inning of work.

His profile has changed a couple of times since he signed with TX in 2008 after missing 2 years post TJ. He was mainly a flyball pitcher in 2008. In 2009 his groundball rate took off as he seems to have switched to a sinker (which sat 91). My impression at the time was that his 2nd best pitch was a slider. In 2010, he seems to have gone back to a 4s fastball (groundball rate to 2008 levels), his slider has become more slurvy and his second best pitch appears to be a changeup. I listened to a number of his outings in 2009, and he was most effective with no one on base and pitching 1 inning. He had problems with consistency over multiple innings and allowed to many inherited runners to score. He seemed similar in 2010 in the 3 or so outings that I listened to (road feed) though the nature of his offerings (and likely his mechanics) had been changed up. Whatever the case, TX seems to like him enough to give him some AFL innings (though he has already made appearances in the PRWL in both 2008 and 2009) and while the kid is a still a work in progress, he is both big (at 6.7) and young and that is reason enough to follow him.

Lawson at shortstop for the Seattle contingent on the Javelinas. I always wondered why TX never tried to split his time between short and second to expand his chances to stick in the bigs as a utility player. He plays a fine 2B so we'll see. Had 2 errors today.

Osuna, Paisano, and Mighty Joe Ortiz are on the La Guaira roster. Ortiz might have been one of the younger regulars on their roster last year and acquitted himself well in a league much tougher than A-ball. However, he was injured a lot in 2010, and you have to wonder if the longer season took its toll on the young arm. Osuna had a fine year for LG last year, and parlayed that into a very nice 2010 for Frisco. Paisano also had a nice year for LG in 2009 and eventually won the starting CF job. For a slightly older A-ball player, that counts as a nice season considering VZ and Dominican Winter ball are professional, high-pressure leagues that are at least as good and probably a little better than AAA.

Iribarren and Guilder Rody are on the Lara roster.

The MLB Fall Ball stats page for TX indicates that the team has signed reliever Mickey Storey (Oak, 2008, 31st rd) who is pitching for the Bravos this fall. I guess Oakland released him...?

UPDATE: Here are a couple of Storey stories, one from Bleacher Report and the other from Scout.

I haven't noticed anyone assigned to the Mexican Winter league at this point.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Winter Ball 2010

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J. Mayo offers a brief preview of the AFL season. AFL games can be followed on MLB gameday with pitch f/X active for games played in Peoria and Surprise. The archived pitch f/x data for these games can also be found at Brooks Pitch f/X the next day.

Suprise Raptors: 10/12 Box
Beltre and Felix collect 3 hits, while Castillo pitched a scoreless 9th, sitting 95 as he has all season.

On the Caribbean tip, Venezuela and Mexico open their seasons today as well, followed by the Domincan and Puerto Rican leagues.

Against all better judgment, Guillermo Moscoso will be pitching again for Los Leones de Caracas. Despite setting a career high for innings during the 2009 regular season, he elected to push that mark even higher during winter ball. GM pitched for the Leones though February and hardly got a break before spring training (after pitching winter ball in 2009 as well). After losing his FB command for the first time in his career during his poor 2010 AAA stint, you'd think he would take the hint from his arm, especially given his injury history prior to his arrival in TX, and take a long break. But no. He'll make another go of at in winter ball again and I hope it helps him rather than derails his 2011 season.

Martin Perez pitched in the Arizona Advanced Instructs League (AIL) and will also pitch for Magallanes. Yikes. I'd like like the kid to take a break given his injury-prone 2010. I hope TX will have someone there to closely monitor the situation and they likely have some sort of agreement with his club on how he will be used.

UPDATE: Perez got the call for the Navegantes opener and got shelled for 6 runs in 1.1. Ouch.