Sunday, November 14, 2010

Andres Blanco...the catcher?

We saw the rumor a week or so ago that suggested Chris Davis was going to try his hand at catching while in the Dominican. Shortly after that rumor there was a confirmation that this wasn't the plan at all, rather, and to everyone's complete surprise, he will be playing first base.

Now we have a report from the VZ league that Andres Blanco has been told that he must move off of the middle infield if he wants to make the TX roster next year, which seems crazy given what a perfect utility infielder he is and the nice D that he plays in that role.

Having read the article, Blanco does seem to suggest that this might be the case. However, moving him from the middle infield doesn't really fulfill a need for TX and makes zero sense. So I suspect that he will be trying out catching like Esteban German tried out catching, that is to say, as an exigent option. He's more likely to see action in the outfield but only as a 5th OF, which is to say, hardly at all. This is actually the normal course of affairs with utility infielders with TX (if not with all teams). However, Blanco's value lies in his defense and he'll play up the middle in 2011 just like in 2010.

I can only assume that the context of his comments may have been misunderstood by the reporter (or something) especially given that the main point of the article is simply to introduce Blanco and describe his first week with the team.


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