Saturday, November 6, 2010

DPL on Luis Marte

Here are a couple of blurbs from the DPL and a brief bp video. Luis Marte played in the DPL last year (the season was November 2009 - June 2010) so all interested teams had a good look at him. It should be noted that a # of Dominican prospects tested positive for PEDS prior to this year's j2 deadline (most names have not been leaked to my knowledge) so some players who sign late for less or who have yet to sign might be among them:

Blurb One plus Vid
Luis Marte, SS, has signed a $215,000 with the Texas Rangers. Marte was a consistent force for the Patriotas de Santo Domingo. Luis is 6'1 170lb, wiry athletic body with room to fill out frame. Luis is a true SS that will stick at the position as he developes. Clean solid fielder that does it effortlessly, avg to plus arm, running 6.6-6.7 60 yrd, solid avg range and athletic enough to make tough plays seem easy. He combines his solid defensive play with a solid offensive approach, hitting .286 with occosional power. Luis is considered by many scouts a top ss for july 2nd.

Blurb Two
According to Christian "El Niche" Batista a number of teams have been following the SS with strong interest (BOS, OAK, NYM, TOR, TEX COL). Batista says his player stands alone as the best SS available on the island this July 2nd; "He combines everything you want in a SS and does it easy; he has the tools, athletic ability, projection and determination the position demands , he also posses raw power that with age and development will be considered part off his offensive game". Batista has voiced to various sources he's looking for $3.5 million for the plus tools SS. After being hit by a pitch Marte is recovering from a small hand injury but he hasn't lost sight of his goals. Batista says Marte will be ready to go in 7-10 days and will be placed on DPL roster soon after. For much of the DPL season Marte has been the team leader in every statistical category and among league leaders in H/2B, showing impressive hitting approach, fielding and running ability. Marte should be ready for the upcoming DPL showcase in efforts to get teams to further evaluate him as they wind down their selection process.


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