Thursday, November 18, 2010

Enterprising Youth: "Si, somos hombres de negocio..."

Nice article today over at the NYT about the increasing privatization of the academy system in the Dominican, and the banal if not shocking "free enterprise" mystifications that undergird entrepreneurial support of a system which traffics in adolescent bodies (sometimes behind barbed wire). (edit: corrected link)

Here's a link to the accompanying video. Though brief, it is quite the indictment of the American investor abroad, illustrating their often confused ideological mantra of "opportunity, profit, and goodwill" combined with an astonishing amount of retrograde paternalism.

The interview excerpts with Greg J. Maroni (agent/founder, California Sports Management, financed by his Dad, with an Academy in Don Gregorio a/o 2007) are simply amazing, as we watch him try to convince himself about the socially progressive aspect of his venture. The last shot is a a great argument for keeping the camera rolling and letting your subject talk (for all you budding documentarians) as he looks away, somewhat distracted, as if reciting a script, his sentence trailing off with "...for the better.."

Here is a link to the Arias and Goodman Academy in San Pedro de Macoris (home of the Texas academy) and La Academia (and here, and here)


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