Thursday, November 11, 2010

International FA update

Jorge Arangure suggests that Seattle is the leader to sign 2b/3b prospect E. Peguero. Earlier in the summer, Seattle signed DR OF Phillips Castillo for 2.2m along with at least 2 others, totaling a combined 3.5m..

Oakland, of course, has just won the rights to negotiate with Hisashi Iwakuma, and also just signed Dominican CF prospect Vicmal de la Cruz for ~800k. It also signed Venezuelan prospects Renato Nunez (3b, 2.2m) and Argenis Raga (C) - along with a few other VZ kids - around the deadline.

Both de la Cruz and Peguero are represented by the American owned and operated La Academia de Beisbol Internacional or "La Academia" and HERE.

To date, both rival AL West clubs have announced between 5-6 2010 j2 signings totaling at least 3.5m in monies.

By contrast, Texas only signed its first j2 prospect this week, Dominican 2b/ss prospect Luis Marte for ~215k. Texas' Latin American operation seems to be asleep at the wheel at the moment but did sign 3 2009-eligible j2 players players for 7 figures. Around the deadline, Texas tried to spin their inability to sign people as a lack of interest in the 2010 market but that was largely a PR diversion. This year there are at least as many 7 figure signs as last year even in a slow year due to more a more stringent screening process in addition to the recession. It isn't clear however why TX hasn't been more interested in the market post sale as money is no longer an excuse.

As a side note, at least half of the top 40 Dominican j2 prospects tested positive for PEDS prior to the 2010 deadline though Melissa Segura has noted that a majority passed the dob/identity portion of MLB's new screening process.

In other news, the MLB has suspended 7 Venezuelan prospects, for age/identify fraud, signaling a move toward greater monitoring of that "market" despite a more restricted access to it.

For those who still care, Melissa Segura notes that 19yo Jose/Rafael DePaula touched 97 two weeks ago in a showcase at the Rays DR academy.

Two of the top Dominicans for the 2011 j2 period should be Ramon Guzman and Ronniel Demorizi, both on the summer Under Armour roster.

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