Sunday, November 7, 2010

Iwakuma Update

Patrick Newman intimates that Rakuten will accept the high bid for Iwakuma which "might exceed 16m." An earlier story but Rosenthal quoted a source suggesting that the Texas bid was "light" but then an even earlier source suggested that Texas might have had the high bid.

Various sources report that Oakland has put in the high bid for Iwakuma.

Hayman reports that the Oakland's winning bid was ~17k. I thought that on overall package totaling 48k seemed about right (16k bid, 4yrs, 8m/per). I'm interested to see what the contract is...

John Shea says ~15m...

MLBTR notes a Kurkijian piece about the imminent posting of the top NPB position player, Tsuyoshi Nishioka (2b and/or SS). He's only 26, so it is unique for such a nice player to be posted so young. It will be interesting to see what it takes to bring him over. Patrick Newman has a piece up at Fangraphs.

I found it a little disturbing that Oakland already has sort of a staff exchange program set up with NPB's Rakuten, allowing them great insight into Iwakuma's performance over the last 2 years and how that might translate stateside. I would think that they have as good a feel for him as anyone, so if they think his is worth it, I wouldn't bet against them. Elaborating one's contacts in this manner - creating a semi-permanent presence in Pacific Rim countries that exceeds mere scouting - might be the best way to create the inside track on future postings and FA signings. The Yankees, Cubs, Giants and Dodgers are a few of the clubs who have that kind of presence in Japan and/or Korea. They sponsor tournaments, workshops, traveling teams, and staff exchanges. To my knowledge, Texas' only presence in the Pacific Rim is Colburn and his staff which might not be enough.


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