Friday, December 10, 2010

Mich Moreland Day!

Richard Durrett links to a couple of stories about Mitch Moreland day - an annual event every December 6th it seems - in accent-heavy Amory Mississippi: 3000 fans, 3 hours of autographs, alumni from Moe's baseball camps, and ex -high school/college coaches. Pretty cool stuff. Video here.

I especially liked this quote from his former MS St head coach:

"Was Mitch Moreland a great hitter when he came to Mississippi State?" Polk asked. "Nope. He was so bad, his teammates named him after a famous Chinese philosopher, HitWonSoon (Hit One Soon)."

And with so many hunters and fishermen and small-towners on the Texas squad, how could Cliff Lee feel more comfortable anywhere else:

He said his offseason plans include a lot of relaxing and a little time in the woods.

Slow News Day Miscellany

Tommy Hunter spoke to some elementary kids about the importance of exercise and proper nutrition recently. This would be an even funnier picture if we didn't already know that Hunter is a former Judo standout. However, I do hope it means he's checking in at about ~270 during the break.

Watch Tommy throw a head of lettuce to a carrot-wielding donkey HERE! WARNING - PLAY IN WORKPLACE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


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