Monday, December 6, 2010


Since moving into the rotation for Caracas, Guillermo Moscoso has a pretty nice line: 1.46/24.2/15/4er/7bb/22so/.195/1.60go/ao

I forgot to mention this some weeks ago, but I could have sworn I read a comment by Moscoso in an interview with a VZ paper that he was going to be working on a new pitch while there. Problem is, I can't find that quote and can't remember what the pitch was but I'm going to speculate that he's working on something (new pitch, new breaking ball, different grip, splitter) to double his career groundball rate, SSS notwithstanding. I should also not that he used to throw a splitter before he injured his arm and there was at least one report that he was throwing it in ST 2009 before the staff asked him to ditch it. If he is bringing back the split, I'm not sure that is a great thing given his health history, though he has been completely healthy and has pitched over 100 innings in each of the last 3 seasons. Hopefully its a cutter or a slider or something...

As a side note, my main man Edwin Garcia has been starting at SS in the Liga Paralela, though his walk rate sucked the last time I checked.


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